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How to Become: a Festival Curator

23rd April 2016

Didn’t think choosing artists to play at festivals was an actual job? Well it is, and it sounds pretty awesome. We spoke to Liverpool International Music Festival (Europe’s biggest free music event) curator Yaw Owusu to find out how he got to where he is, and how you can get there too.

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Jon Snow Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Forget Summer, Winter is Coming

22nd April 2016

It’s finally happening: after weeks of swerving the spoilers and nearly ten months of desolate Monday nights, Game of Thrones is back! This Monday evening at 9pm we all know exactly where we’ll be and in preparation Topman has compiled a list of five essential questions that we want answered in the new series (bar…

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Win Tickets to BBK Live Festival in Spain

22nd April 2016

Fancy soaking up some rays and stuffing your face full of seafood in the city of Bilbao in Spain whilst listening to Pixies, Tame Impala, Foals, Arcade Fire, Years & Years and more live? Then this is your chance, just enter your details below to be entered into the competition to win a pair of…

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Why You Should Follow Topman On Snapchat

20th April 2016

Gone are the days of the smutty Snapchat, my brothers, we’re now into the era of being an accepted voyeur into the lives, offices, kitchens, gyms and dressing rooms of our nearest and dearest, and furthest and famous.

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Topman’s Creative Director Explains This Season’s Tailoring

20th April 2016

Gordon Richardson, Topman’s Creative Director, and his talented in-house design team take us through the latest tailoring on offer, explaining fits, fabric and seasonal styles in detail.

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Conor Franta Topman Interview

Connor Franta: Your New Favourite Social Media Star

Culture Style
20th April 2016

Connor Franta is an American entrepreneur, writer, YouTuber, content guru & style extraordinaire. With 18 million+ followers (and growing), we got to pick his brain on all things fashion, comedy and well, life. We know one thing after speaking with him and that is – this kid is going places.

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Warning: Sharp Style Ahead

 From skinny fit suits to summer colours, explore the best in modern tailoring

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Navy Suit
Double Breasted Suit
Pinstripe Suit
Light Blue Suit
Herringbone Suit
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