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Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is This Summer’s Greatest Fitness App

11th May 2016

Is the only thing that could you get you fit and healthy in time for summer being chased by a horde of flesh hungry zombies? Well then you’re in luck – there’s an app for that. Zombies, Run! is an immersive app that teams running with a an intense zombie story. We caught up with…

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Win Tickets to the UK Premiere of The Nice Guys

9th May 2016

The Nice Guys struts into UK cinemas Friday 3rd June, and to celebrate we’re giving you the chance to win tickets to the UK PREMIERE in London’s Leicester Square on Thursday 19th May! Not only will you be able to watch this awesome action-comedy ahead of its release, the film’s incredible cast, Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling,…

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Secret Cinema 28 Days Later

Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later: Essential Survival Tips

Culture Zombies
6th May 2016

Secret Cinema is back this spring with a brand new immersive cinematic experience, this time promising to scare the living daylights out of us with their unique take on Danny Boyle’s iconic classic 28 Days Later. Last week we donned our hospital scrubs and braved the unknown, ready for a few frights and a themed…

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Slasher on Netflix May 2016

The Best New Shows on Netflix: May 2016

6th May 2016

To eliminate the irritating 15 minutes of directionless scrolling you have to endure before finding someting you like, we’ve handpicked the most watchable new TV shows and movies added to Netflix this month.

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Are beards still cool?

Beards: On Trend or All Over?

Culture Style
5th May 2016

Is the beard dead? Can a beard ever really be alive? Could it go into hibernation though? Are we getting confused with bears? These are the type of burning issues that keep us awake at night. To get to the bottom of this follicularly-charged debate, we’ve examined celebrity faces pre and post-beard and given our…

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Summer Must Read: The Fireman by Joe Hill

Culture Zombies
5th May 2016

Joe Hill is one of the finest horror writers of the 21st century. He’s also the son of Stephen King, perhaps the world’s most well known horror author – so frightening people out of their wits obviously runs in the family. But Joe’s contemporary horror is pretty far removed from his father’s work, and his…

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Tailored to Perfection

A new season calls for a new suit, so update your tailoring with summer colours and classic fits

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Navy Suit
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