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Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager

The Girl Panel: April 2016

Culture Style
11th April 2016

What do women really want? For just one little question, it’s powered millions of early-morning wardrobe dilemmas, countless questionable pub conversations and at least one mildly sexist Mel Gibson film. Because we’ve realised that asking is easier than guessing, we’ve set up our panel – a selection of cool girls that are willing to give…

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Gregory DelliCarpini Jr

Your New Favourite Blogger: Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.

10th April 2016

As if running one of New York’s coolest blogs isn’t enough for him, Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. also finds time to maintain an extremely impressive Instagram feed (James Franco follows him), bake espresso banana bread (occasionally) and chat to Topman (what a guy). Want to know more about the man behind Oyster Colored Velvet? Check out…

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This Week in the Internet: New Star Wars, Fry Ups and David Brent

8th April 2016

We know you’re too lazy to look stuff up yourself, so we’ve rounded up the most interesting, LOL worthy things we’ve seen across the internet. This week we’re discussing stuff that makes life worth living: Star Wars fan theories and fry ups.

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Men's summer hair trends

Top 5 Summer Hair Trends

8th April 2016

Just as fashions change by the season, so too do hair trends – but where we’re happy to update our wardrobe with the latest looks, we’re often more hesitant about changing up our hair style. To help you get to grips with the big news in men’s summer hair trends, we’ve asked the nice barbers…

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens..L to R: Director J.J. Abrams w/ actress Daisy Ridley (Rey) on set...Ph: David James..? 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Right Reserved.

5 Mind-Blowing Secrets from the Making of The Force Awakens

8th April 2016

We went so see Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey to unlock the mysteries of the latest film. We didn’t find out what Kylo Ren’s favourite My Chemical Romance album was or what kind of conditioner Chewbacca uses, but we did discover the below…

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The History of Men's Hair

The History of Men’s Hair

Culture Style
4th April 2016

‘Hair is a form of cultural shorthand’ according to Giulia Pivetta, Editor of The Barber Book, it’s something we use to reflect our personality in a direct way. It’s hard to argue. Every age has given birth to a new style tribe, each of which has had its own philosophy, its own fashion and –…

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Warning: Sharp Style Ahead

 From skinny fit suits to summer colours, explore the best in modern tailoring

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